Construcciones CALA is a family business with 40 years of construction and renovation experience on Ibiza and a philosophy based on quality, dedication and the satisfaction of our clients.

Employees are an essential part of the company: our team of highly qualified professionals are continually learning, eager for new challenges and constant growth.

40-plus years building dreams

Construcciones CALA’s qualified professionals hail from all areas of the industry, so from excavation to finishing touches, we perform jobs from start to finish. We undertake each project with the security and confidence that come with experience, driven by the ultimate goal of full client satisfaction.

A great team: partner companies

Construcciones CALA work hand in hand with Ibiza’s top firms. The combined experience is extensive, and the resulting operation runs like a well-oiled machine, with a purpose-driven approach that guarantees bespoke projects and superior service to each and every one of our clients.

Creating sustainable values

On site and off, Construcciones CALA know the importance of generating synergies that forge values which are shared by all stakeholders on a project. So sustainability doesn’t just drive us, it drives each and every client, architect, engineer, decorator and member of the Construcciones CALA team.

Construcciones CALA believe in minimising our footprint. The roof of our warehouse was home to Ibiza’s first-ever solar photovoltaic plant. We’ve also worked on quarry regeneration and have acquired a fleet of electric vehicles, among other sustainability-driven initiatives.


Residential Building

Residential Building

Construcciones Cala - Edificio Residencial

Of all properties, housing matters the most to people because it’s where we build our lives and our homes. Residential buildings are paramount to Construcciones CALA, and we deliver them with unmatched quality.



Rehabilitación - Construcciones Cala

At Construcciones CALA we know that refurbishing buildings takes meticulous work. We remain true to underlying architectural and artistic character, restoring each building to its original beauty and preserving its spirit.

Tourism and one-off projects

Tourism and one-off projects

Edificación turística y extraordinaria - Construcciones Cala

Modern or traditional, some buildings stand out for their originality. Construcciones CALA’s experience and constant evolution mean we can deliver iconic and singular projects.

Chalets and Villas

Chalets and Villas

Edificación Chalets y Villas - Construcciones Cala

Construcciones CALA are experts at just about every kind of large-parcel chalet and villa, plus, you have say over every last detail, so each project is uniquely designed.



Edificación industrial - Construcciones Cala

Office buildings, warehouses, laboratories…industrial buildings are a key part of what we do at Construcciones CALA. We deliver solutions for optimised spaces that integrate leading-edge technology.

Remodels and minor works

Remodels and minor works

Reformas y obras menores - Construcciones Cala

Big jobs are as important as small remodels. Construcciones CALA have a specific department for light works.


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